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Erebos, God ot the Dead 

Full art proxy I made for my Commander enjoy


Journey into Nyx trailer.


Grand Arbiter of Augustin - An Azorius general worthy of leading an WU Commander deck. 
Digital proxy using Claudio Coello’s 17th century painting. 
Derp Spirit Token

Spirit Token via Forbidden Orchard
Some notes on art direction, most of the newer spirits (from Innistrad) have flying. THIS little guy does not… so he has adorable feets. Also note the apples… cause it is an orchard. Enjoy
Myr token | Swan Song Token

Vraska the Unseen by Aleksi Briclot
Return to Ravnica


Magic: the Gathering - Craig Mullins art

Craig Mullins has produced a number of amazing art for books, films, and video games but has only five MTG cards to his name - basic lands only.  He’s been doing essentially all digital work since the mid-90’s.


Magic: The Gathering

by Briclot Aleksi

(via rowinbad)


Something on the back of my business card for GP Richmond… figured it’d be fun if there was an MTG-related token side for people to enjoy. :D
On that note, I hope I can print out enough business cards to hand out… haha! 

Castle Crasher Knight Tokens! by AlterArtbyRob

Drawing attention to yourself in Commander